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Toni Dextor

About the artist_

Berlin-based, Toni Dextor is all about the dancefloor. Using sound oscillations to shape the atmosphere of a  room, building up the intense energy at peak time and guiding audiences through mind-melting breakdowns are aces you'll find up his sleeve. Unsurprisingly, his decision to become a DJ was inspired by years of clubbing. Not content with simply selecting the music however, Toni started producing in 2018 and has since released on some of the finest electronic labels, local and international, such as made of Concrete, Planet Rhythm, Adroit and OFF Recordings.  

Toni Dextor's style stands out for playing what he calls "functional" techno - you can always count on a steadfast, highly engaging atmosphere that'll make you lose track of time. In his productions, he takes cues from own memories, recreating familiar feelings such as the intense room pulsation felt walking up the stairs of Berghain in the early 2010s, a notable moment in any of the infamous club's visitors' experience, no doubt.  

Channeling these relatable yet unique experiences from his own club-goer adventure into his own tracks is essential for Toni, as is "a hard kick", in his own words. These elements, combined with his ongoing experimentation with production techniques make him one of the figures to keep an eye out as he continues to push through the rungs of the music scene. 

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